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What is TurtleCard?

TurtleCard helps you explore & book activities for your children. You can book across a range of activities like - Abacus, Ballet, Basketball, Chess, Coding, Dig It,Dubai Aquarium,Guitar, Gymnastics, IceSkating, Karate, Keyboard, KidZania, ScubaDiving , Swimming and much more...

Why use TurtleCard?

The Idea of TurtleCard is to make it easier for parents to browse by category/activity/age/location/date & book at the click of a button. We give you the best rate for the classes available on our portal. And we also run regular promotions on our credit plans which you will be the first to know if you sign up.

How It Works

We have three plans to choose from – City Explorer, Globe Trotter & Space Rover. You can purchase any of our plans to top up your account with credits. Credits is our online money to book activities on the portal. Once you run out of credits simply top up your account again.

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Activity Centers

Choose from a wide variety of activity centers across multiple locations

Get TurtleCard Credits

Purchase a TurtleCard package or customize your own package, get credits in your account Credit Symbol and use them to open up a whole world of activities for your little voyager.

Pricing Image

City Explorer

AED 179

  • 18 Credits
  • 30 Days Validity
Pricing Image

Globe Trotter

AED 299

  • 30 Credits
  • 45 Days Validity
Spinner Package


AED 300 +

  • 30+ Credits
  • 45 Days Validity

How Credits Work?

Example : City Explorer package : AED 179,

• Our System works by converting this AED 179 to 18 credits. Each of the classes on the portal has a credit value which is marked with a Gold Coin against each of the Activities

• If an Activity costs AED 60 at the Center or on other sites, on the portal it will be for 6 credits

• On booking this activity your account will be left with 12 credits (18-6)

• You can continue to book more activities using this credit & top up as you go

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