About Us

Here’s our story!

A mother who quit the corporate world to take up the even more daunting project of raising a toddler. Not realizing how times had changed since she was a toddler, when play time was as simple as running down the street to the community park and making up games with friends, when cousins and extended family turned into part-time baby sitters and when the world was not as competitive. So she spoke to friends, looked through mommy blogs, went to every event/family market in town to find ways to engage her toddler in a meaningful way and one that would bring a smile to his face. But the same activity, the same place, week over week, was getting to her as much it was getting to her boy. And one fine night, while sharing her frustration with a dear friend who happened to be a seasoned entrepreneur and has successfully set up and run two startups came the dreaded answer – "Why don’t we find a solution? Why don’t we make an App that could do all this at the convenience of a button!."

Why Turtle!

Friendly, warm. They have made it to space and returned to tell their tales.
They date back to the time of the dinosaurs, over 200 million years ago – woah!
These cold-blooded creatures have an incredibly long life span. The oldest ever recorded, named Tu”i Malila, of Tonga Island, passed away at the grand old age of 188! Thus came our very own Toto the turtle to take your kids on a journey to explore all that’s wonderful in the world. To try new activities, to persevere and build skills that not only bring a smile but also prepare them for the life ahead!

Why Card!

Even if you knew all the activities out there in the city, contacting each vendor and booking activities individually is troublesome. TurtleCard takes away the trouble of booking multiple activities across multiple vendors (manually). We give you a single card that allows your child to access multiple activities across multiple activity centers, all through the app.
Have a TurtleCard — Choose your activities.
Simple as that!

What’s our Culture

Happy children!
That’s what we wish to see. To see them experience the vast range of activities in Dubai thanks to the melting pot of cultures that it is. There are two simple ways to make a child smile—have them engage in (meaningful) activities they enjoy or have them try something new.

Our Mission

Develop a community of happy children by offering the best selection of activity centers

Our Vision

To create joy and happiness through playful experiences for each child

Meet the team

The TurtleCard duo

Geetanjali Kaul


A seasoned marketer transitioned from the corporate world to become a mompreneur

Geetanjali Kaul and Sofia Chand

Sofia Chand


Sincere, friendly, curious. Hands-on in digital product design and development.